Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is in a BIRTHday??

March 23. I see this date and usually it gives me such warmth. I think about my Mom and what gift I want to give her for her birthday. Today it is bittersweet. She's not here and there's no gift. So I think....what is the deal with birthdays? Why are they so special even when the loved one is gone? It's just a day right?

March 23. The day that God brought my Mom into this world. He created her special. He made her with a plan. On this day 62 years ago, God gave her life and loved her through it. My Mom shared with me years ago that she accepted Christ as her Savior when she was a teenager. She also shared with me how much she desired to know Him better. He used her life to bring my sister and me into this world as well. Out of one life....God saved two more. My Mom went home to be with the Lord 5 months ago....and yet, she left two daughters that love the Lord! We will all see each other one day in Heaven and celebrate our eternity with our Lord & Savior!

March 23. This might be the physical birth of my Mom....but it is just a date. The real birth is the day she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Only the Lord knows our heart. We cannot judge someone's spiritual "birthday". Today, I hold onto the fact that she claimed a birthday with the Lord. Today, I am thankful that my sister and I both share a birthday with the Lord as well. Otherwise, my life would be just a physical, one time deal and not a life of eternity with Christ.

So, what is in a BIRTHday? Everything. Eternity. Life everlasting. I am certain that God LOVES creating us and bringing us into this world. I am sure He loves our birthday that we celebrate every year! But what I KNOW He loves even more?? Our spiritual birthday....when we accept His gift of salvation. It's when we walk each day with Him and celebrate each year of that walk. My time with the Lord has been 25 years of birthdays. Some years are harder than others.....but I love each one! Precious life everlasting.

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