Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mommies can dream too!

Have you ever daydreamed about being all alone, at home, for days with no one wanting anything from you??? I know you have......that hypothetical happy place where you clean something and it STAYS clean? You can watch a movie or piddle around on the computer with ZERO interruptions??? Maybe you dreamed something simple like going to the bathroom without a kid walking in on you??? I have been a mom for 12 years and I have had this dream many many times!! You see, I have gone on trips without my kids....or even my husband and have gotten that much needed down time. BUT....I have never EVER been alone, at home, with no hubby and no kids.....until this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep you read that right!!!!! I have been alone for about 48 hours without my family!!!!!! (My amazing husband took the three monkeys on a special trip with him. Yeah, he rocks!)

I am so excited about this new phenomenon that I had to share! The first half of my time I went on a retreat with some dear friends. It was a much needed time of encouragement, laughter and hashing out life. I loved every minute!! The second half of my time has been spent in my jammies (yes, the whole time) with cups of coffee, purging my house!!! I want to use this time so wisely since I'll probably never get it again. When my family comes home I want to bless them with a clean and slightly organized house! I have to pinch myself over and over because once I have cleaned something.....IT STAYS CLEAN!!!! It's seriously so strange to walk back through a room, glance in and think "Wow, it still looks great".....hehe! I know that as soon as the three monkeys come will all abruptly come to an end so I am treasuring it all right now.

As I thanked God this morning for my time alone.....and realizing what a gift this is.....I thought of how precious it is to be a Mom. We all know this already but it hit me hard this morning. For those of you that have never had this "dream" come true....I want to encourage you! It is pretty amazing to do what I want to do WHEN I want to do it. And being able to get my house in order with no distraction is great. BUT, and its a big but....nothing compares to the great joy and blessing it is to have our family. I miss them already. (Never thought I would say these following statements but....) I miss stepping on legos that are left mysteriously in the carpet. I miss the toothpaste smeared in the bathroom sink. I miss the socks that are left by the couch. I miss the hugs and kisses in the morning....and at night before bed. I just miss them. I have a new appreciation for the noise and the crazy that my kids bring into my life. My family is what makes life full and abundant!! Crazy, yes. But precious all the more.

Have you wondered what the house would be like without your monkeys running around demolishing it? It would be clean, organized and quiet. In other words....without your precious monkeys....your house and life would be way too perfect, boring, eerily quiet and not as much fun!!! So embrace the crazy!!!! Embrace the fact that as Mommies....we will be tired, overworked, underpaid but FULLY BLESSED!!!!!!

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  1. soo soo true!! I drove 80 all the way home I missed them so much... but I was still a bit jealous of you:)hehehe... they make life messy and challenging but they are also what makes life worth living... little gifts from God to show us how to love and be loved unconditionally... love this post!!!